Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Union:The Heart and Soul of UW Madison

It is hard to explain the Memorial Union. It is, rather, a feeling. A breeze. The music. Also dogs, kids, students, alumni, sunbathers, dates, great debates, pitchers of beer, popcorn, Babcock Hall orange chocolate chip, sunburst chairs, Hoofer tech boats. Peeling off most of your clothes and jumping into the lake. Arriving three hours before the music starts. On purpose. My friend, Dick Statz, took the picture on the right, which goes a long ways towards capturing the ambiance of the Union. Ahhhhh. . .summer in Madison.

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Fleet Commander said...

You forgot to add: being beaten by UW cops for campaigning on Union grounds, being harassed and videotaped by sleazy Union managers, being ripped off by Hoofers, etc. Why do blogs like yours aalways try to distort reality..?