Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Middleton Office-Mustard Museum and train whistles

I love my office. Now I can step out the front door to put out the Stark "Come on in and talk to a realtor" sign when I have floor duty, and what do I see? Why the National Mustard Museum, of course. On August 7th, we will have cones placed onto our parking spaces to assure us, we can bring a client in, fax an offer or the like, because Middleton will see and experience the first Annual National Mustard Day. It will be huge. Free hots dogs(no ketchup allowed), clowns, the Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile, all right in front of my office on Parmenter Street.

I also love it in the summer time when the doors of our office are open and I have to suspend my conversation in mid-sentence as the train roars on by just 50 ft fro my window. It helps you get a perspective on things, especially if the conversation is needing a bit of separating the emotion from the logic in negotiating of an inspection contingency, for example. After the train passes, a calmer tone has emerged.

One recent Saturday, as I was writing an offer on my computer, I saw a few people strolling by with dogs on leashes. Then a few more folks, with a black lab, Yorkie and a Golden Retriever. Nothing for a while and then 10 happy dog owners in a row. Then two. I never did check out the event on the Internet. It was more fun just experiencing the parade.

The North door of the same exact office steps out onto the sidewalk across from the Village Green, featuring great cheese burgers with sauteed onions, sweet potato fries and a Road Kill burrito. Oh yeah, beer and spicy chili too. A great place to take clients after a showing or to grab a cold one with fellow realtors in the evening.

What do you see out your office window?

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