Monday, June 21, 2010

Moons Over Madison: Madison's World Naked Bike Ride

My (mandatory) counterclockwise stroll around the Capitol Square for the Farmers Market on Saturday was a feast for the eyes with gorgeous plants and flowers, rhubarb, snap peas, mushrooms, smoked rainbow trout, and cheddar chive scones all vying for my attention. They could not compete, though, when semi-clothed and naked people rode their bicycles around the square! My companion, who is from the Twin Cities, commented, "This is so Madison!" It did happen to be an apparently world wide event protesting independence from oil and positive body image. Check out the video.

Well, after all, we do have  Cows on the Concourse every year at the Farmers Market, too.  And, hey California, very happy cows they are!

The market, even without special events, is such a delightful tradition and the place where you bring every single person who visits you from out of town, and mourn the last one of the season, scooping up apples and pumpkins and mums.

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