Sunday, July 11, 2010

Who Says You Can't Play with Your Food?

What a creative man with a sense of whimsy!  Watch this video of the talented Linsey Pollak making and playing his carrot clarinet. Below description is taken directly from his website:

Making Jam

Making Jam is a solo show by Linsey Pollak. It’s for people of all ages, and as with many of Linsey’s previous shows it’s about making music from the things around us.

Making Jam is the best of Linsey at his craziest, wildest and most inventive musically…and features music made with many crazy objects.

In Making Jam we get to hear flutes, panpipes and clarinets made from garden hose and bagpipes made from rubber gloves. We also hear music made from dental floss, carrots (of course), satay sticks and a music stand. Some newly created instruments will be unveiled such as “Raven”.

In this show Linsey is himself. There is no Kevin (as in Knocking on Kevin’s Door), no Ivan or Stefan (as in The Art of Food) and the focus is on the music itself and jamming – (Making Jam).

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